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Onne Multipurpose Terminal opens for business 

Onne Multipurpose Terminal opens for business  In an important milestone for Nigeria’s port industry, Onne Multipurpose Terminal (OMT) has commenced container operations at Onne Port,...
Home Business FITC inaugurates  Future of Work Academy for youths

FITC inaugurates  Future of Work Academy for youths

The Financial Institutions Training Centre (FITC) has launched its Future of Work Academy (FOWA). This is line with its commitment to continuously bridge the knowledge gap in Africa, while equipping the youths for the peculiar needs of the Future of Work.

The Academy, FOWA, which was launched at the company’s headquarters will see African youths; undergraduates, graduates, youth corpers, and job seekers acquire the necessary skills needed to prepare them, help them gain competitive advantage to thrive and succeed in the rapidly evolving world of work.

The FOWA seeks to solve the prevalent issue of producing university graduates with degrees and skills that have limited practical use in the current global job market, as well as the requirements for the Future of Work.

FITC FOWA offers essential courses in Data Science, Data Analytics, Coding, Digital Marketing, Graphics Designs, MS Excel & Analytics, Digital Marketing, Use of PowerPoint, and other key areas that have been strategically packaged to educate, enlighten, and up-skill undergraduates and graduates with the vital skills for the Future of Work. 

FITC FOWA is designed to be instructor led, with participants having access to interact with the academy’s world-class facilitators, participate in class exercises, hands-on sessions, and real-time assessments.

FITC, recognizing the great potential inherent in the African youth, has put together these fantastic and highly subsidized learning programmes to shape and prepare youths in Africa and beyond for employability and the Future of Work. The FITC Future of Work Academy provides youths with a platform to meet and interact with other bright minds, while ensuring ease and convenience, as classes can be attended virtually or physically.In addition, graduates from the academy will automatically participate in all FITC Job fairs.

According to the Managing Director/CEO of FITC, Chizor Malize, “The world of work is changing rapidly, and competition for the right talent is fierce. Graduate talents have for decades been primarily identified and employed based on academic excellence, however, in the emerging world of work, creativity, innovation, and work ready skills have become the non-negotiable indicators for competitive advantage, and to evaluate capabilities. 

It is therefore important for youths to build critical skills, that will equip them for the requirements of the Future of Work in the ever-evolving business landscape. The value FITC FOWA is bringing to corporations at this time cannot be overemphasized. By equipping youths and creating a pool of well engaged workforce for organizations, FITC FOWA will be directly strengthening the economy and the society in general” Chizor stated.

It will be recalled that FITC launched its Youth Connect Initiatives in July 2020 to create a robust knowledge and learning platform for African Youths. These Youth Connect Initiatives focus on youth employability and supports youth-led innovation in Africa.  The 2020 Youth Connect Essay Competition, which was the flagship programme from the portfolio of Youth Connect programmes, was organized for undergraduates in higher institutions of learning across Africa.

FITC entered a strategic partnership with International Business Machines Corporation (IBM), an American multinational technology company with operations in over 170 countries including Nigeria,to train all the winners from across Africa on Design Thinking.

The training on DesignThinking is expected to boost the participants’ problem-solving skills in the disruptive, volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous, and digital (D-VUCAD) world.

The training will helphone participants’ design thinking skills to enable them to define and solve tough challenges in their lives, businesses, and organizations. The trainingwill also give the participants theopportunity to focus on rapid prototype solutions,view problems from different perspectives,and stimulate innovative thinking.

FITC has since organized other impactful summits and programmes for youths, such as the power-packed Youth Technology Summit, themed; “Accelerating Growth and Development in Africa: The Role of Technology and Innovation”, the ThinkNnovation Conference, which was focused on cybersecurity, and was widely attended by students in tertiary institutions across Nigeria, among others.

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