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AirFirst hosts 2nd Golf Tournament in Abeokuta, as organiser calls for elites’ involvement 

The Chief Executive Officer of AirFirst group of companies, Gbolahan Abatan has urged the elites to engage in playing of golf, describing it as a game of life.

The Airfirst CEO said this while speaking at the second golf tournament organised by the company in Abeokuta, the Ogun state capital.

The tournament was held between  Wednesday,10, 2021 and Sunday, 14, 2021 with the winners going home with different gifts.

Abatan however urged elite to spend time in playing golf, noting that the game energises while also exercising the brain and the soul.

The Airfirst CEO added that golf has no risk like other sports.

The golfer further said if one should master the technicalities in golf, it would make one strive through life, as it incorporate business and ethical ideals.

His words: “The thing here is that I, personally, see golf as a game of life. Every aspect of your life activities reflect on golf.

“If you are a risk taker, it’ll show when you play golf. If you’re a lazy person, it’ll show. If you’re a dishonest person, it’ll show. If you’re an honest person, when you okay golf, it’ll show.

“Most businesses all over the world, when you go for business meeting, if you partners or proposed partners are golfers, you know the first thing they’ll tell you, let’s go play a round of golf.

“When you go on a golf course with them, by the time you played first, second, third hole, they already know who you are. They already know whether they’ll do business with you or not. “That is why I say golf is a game of life”, he said.

The AirFirst CEO further said, ” Secondly and on the other hand, healthwise, golf is a game you play without accident or incident. I mean, you exercise the whole of your body and your soul as well because golf gives you good health.

“And by the time you come on the golf course, you walk round, play the whole of 18 course, you’d have walked between 10 and 11 kilometers. But ordinarily, if you’re told to walk certain distance, even 5 km, you’d struggle. But when you are on a course chasing that little ball, you’d not know that you’ve covered 10/11km, and you come back, you’re healthy.

“You’ll exercise from your brain because golf is technical. You have to position yourself. You have to think the way you want the ball to be.

“So, you have to exercise your brain all the way to your toes when you play golf.

“So, because we have many people above 50 (years old) who cannot run, jog, who cannot play strainer sports like football or ling tennis or volleyball; then golf is the only game you can play.

“The retired Justice Bakr* is 95 years old. He’s a member of this gold club. He still play golf. “The Alake of Egbaland, is about 78 years old. He still play golf.”

At the end of the game, Mr Gbolahan said, “We have trophies for every categories of winners. The closing ceremony is taking place there and that is when we give a lot of gift items like household equipment like fridge, cooker, iron name it depending on the categories”.

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