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CHI Urges Consumers to Prioritize Dairy Consumption 

Nigeria’s leading dairy brand, Hollandia, has held its much anticipated second edition of the Hollandia Dairy Day celebration in Lagos.

The annual event has become a major platform & reference for the promotion of national discourse around dairy consumption and its healthbenefits to consumers of all ages.

This year’s event was graced by participants across health, nutrition experts and a renowned food blogger sharing insights on the benefits of dairy consumption as well as exciting dairy recipes.

This year’s event theme, “Dairy Nourishment to Support Healthy Living, expanded on last year’s focus by emphasizing the healthbenefits of dairy products and the importance of including them in daily meals.

In his welcome speech, the Managing Director of CHI Limited, Mr. Eelco Weber, stated that for the second year in a row, Hollandia is at theforefront of driving national conversations to highlight the health benefits of dairy consumption in our everyday meals.

“This year’s theme “Dairy Nourishment to Support Healthy Livingpresents a unique opportunity to challenge stereotypes, reshape ourunderstanding, and prioritize positive attitudes around dairy consumption,” he said.

One of the Guest Speakers and resident doctor at the Federal Neuropsychiatric Hospital, Yaba, Dr. Obatomi Alalade, delivering his presentation titled “Dairy Products and Cognitive function” drew the link between dairy consumption and improved cognitive functions.

“For example, the presence of Calcium and Vitamin D in milk supports the healthy cognitive functions in human,” he stated.

Patience Madubuko, also a guest speaker and Chief Dietitian at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital delivering her presentation titled“The Role of Dairy in Addressing the Burden of Malnutrition” decried the relatively low consumption figures for dairy intake in Nigeria.

“Dairy consumption is critical for helping to resolve the burden of malnutrition in Nigeria because of its essential nutritional components that spur the growth and development of the body when consumed daily,” she added.

The Hollandia Dairy Day Celebration is a public interest initiative created to highlight the importance of dairy in everyday nutrition and healthy living in Nigeria.



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