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Making  healthier choice, eating affordable packaged rice

From the market to the kitchen, there is an all-too-common mantra, “It is too expensive to eat healthy”. Today, many of us are living on a budget and looking for ways to maximize value by making smart, affordable as well as convenient choices, while still enjoying tasty, nutritious meals to enhance our health.

It is in this light that rice brand, Big Bull Rice recently introduced rice in affordable N100 packs. The new pack size presents a key advantage to drive value and excitement by offering a product size in line with consumer needs, but more importantly, gives them the power of choice.

The N100 pack of Big Bull Rice will consolidate the growth and rising market appeal of the brand, as well as make the product available to a wider spectrum of consumers who desire a healthy, affordably packaged rice tailored precisely to meet their specific lifestyle needs. 

So, when next you go shopping, it is essential to know that there is a Big Bull Rice pack that can fit into your budget. It is a smarter choice in terms of quality, health and value for money because of its high swelling index. You will not also be subjected to underhand tactics by any rice dealer who may want to profiteer by mixing loose substandard rice and un-parboiled rice with parboiled rice.

Purchasing unpackaged or loose rice also sold in open basins in neighbourhood stores and open markets makes you vulnerable because they are exposed to elements like stones, rodents, insects and are easily cross contaminated with other food items when stored in unfavourable sanitary conditions.

According to a report by the International Food Policy Research Institute titled “The Nigerian rice economy: Policy options for transforming production, marketing, and trade” over the past few decades, rice has become one of the leading food staples in Nigeria. It stated that given the fact that a large amount of rice in Nigeria is now being consumed by low-income households, rice has become an important component for household food security.

Underscored by good quality, safety and the great taste of home-grown ingenuity, the new N100 pack size ensures not only affordability, convenience and healthy satisfaction, but also food security for millions of low income households across Nigeria. 

Consumers can be assured that the N100 pack size contains the same high quality Big Bull parboiled rice, renowned for its high swelling index for satisfaction, low glycermic index of carbohydrate, Protein, high fibre content as well as essential vitamins B1, B2, B3.

For the best-packaged parboiled rice brand in the market, look no further than Big Bull Rice, which is produced in a state-of-the-art automated rice milling factory that ensures that handling is limited to the barest minimum so that consumers only get parboiled rice produced in the best hygienic conditions. 

The Big Bull Rice N100 pack size now joins the varying SKUs of 750g, 2.25kg, 5kg, 10kg, 25kg and 50kg to suit consumer preference. Big Bull premium rice is readily available in open markets, neighbourhood stores, supermarkets and modern trade outlets.

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