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How Ibom ICON Hotel & Resort’s growth strategy is delivering strong results

Despite adverse economic conditions, the management of Ibom ICON Hotel and Golf Resort continues to drive exceptionally strong results in line with its pledged mandate on delivering excellent value to stakeholders and customers of the hotel.
Since assumption in October 2020, the management has strived for growth by building on the hotel’s successes and strengths as well as carrying out periodic review of its strategies to optimize existing businesses, identify new opportunities and accelerate growth.
This is in addition to the management’s initiated and successful turnaround programme, which has driven guest satisfaction indices up by over 80% through a focus on overall guest experience; specifically, food safety and quality, guest amenities, leisure and recreational activities, statewide travel and tours, events staging and execution, not forgetting service quality. A combination of which has ensured the hotel had its best business year on record in 2022.
Also with a series of strategic upgrades of the hotel’s facilities beginning in July 2022, the hotel has become a destination of choice for hosting some of the state’s biggest events such as the spectacular 35th Anniversary banquet and the First Ladies of the Nigerian Governors’ Wives Forum amongst other high caliber functions.
Ibom Icon Hotel prides itself in the professionalism, dedication and commitment of its workforce, which is true to the Akwa Ibom spirit. In line with its long-term vision, the Management continues to ensure majority of the hotel’s workforce are indigenes of the state and the host community whilst re-affirming the management’s commitment to train, mentor and develop the next crop of senior management personnel through its Management Development Programme. Even as it equips more Akwa Ibomites for employment opportunities and delivering excellent hospitality services at other hotel brands within and outside Nigeria.
The Hotel through its’ management, has earned enormous goodwill for the hotel and has developed an extensive and well-rooted relationship with its host communities, through its CSR activities including educational interventions at local schools and service partnerships within the host communities and local companies in Akwa Ibom to improved and impactful communal living.
To date, the Hotel’s management team is a diverse, multi-ethnic and multi-national team composed mainly of Nigerians and other Africans with several key roles held by Akwa Ibomites, including women.
Located at the end of Nwaniba Road, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, amidst a lush tropical palm forest, Ibom Icon Hotel & Golf Resort invites all to discover its beauty, offerings and service as it promises guests an experience for a lifetime of memories.
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