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Pastor Daniel Olawande Releases Spirit-Inspired “Owo Oluwa” on All Streaming Platforms

Pastor Daniel Olawande, Lead Pastor RCCG The Envoys, fondly called PDaniel has recently released the anticipated “Owo Oluwa.”

This powerful and spirit-inspired song is now available for streaming and download on all major platforms, spreading its message of faith, divined speed, and blessings to listeners worldwide.

“Owo Oluwa” is a testament to Pastor Daniel Olawande’s profound faith and his ability to convey spiritual truths through his music. The song emphasizes the belief that with the divine hand of God, individuals can experience a supernatural acceleration in their endeavors, enabling them to overcome obstacles and achieve remarkable success.

The captivating lyrics of “Owo Oluwa” underscore the concept of divine assistance and divine speed. The music Owo Oluwa” stands as a testament to an unwavering commitment to uplifting souls and inspiring believers to trust in the divine process.

With the release of “Owo Oluwa,” Pastor Daniel Olawande aims to touch the hearts and lives of listeners around the world. The song serves as a reminder that in times of struggle and pursuit of goals, divine intervention, and divine speed can make all the difference by the help of God

Speaking on the release of the song, Pdaniel said,he received the song via an encounter with the word of God in 1 Kings 18 : 46 seeing how the hand of God came upon Elijah and carried him, enabling him to run faster than the chariots of Ahab.

The song will strengthen your faith in God’s ability to do all things.”

Listeners can now immerse themselves in the heavenly sounds of “Owo Oluwa” by accessing the song on platforms such as apple music, boom play , Spotify, etc.

Whether in moments of reflection, worship, or personal devotion, this spirit-inspired song will serve as a guiding light and a source of spiritual nourishment to all its listeners

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