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There is love, greatness when music producers collaborate- Rexxie

Ezeh Chisom Faith, professionally known as Rexxie, is a Nigerian record producer, DJ, and songwriter. He is popular for creating the Zanku sound and producing Naira Marley’s Soapy, Tesumole and the song KPK with MobBad. Rexxie, one of the three spotlights in the MTV Base Inside Life: New Wave, which offers an unparalleled glimpse into the personal and professional lives of celebrities in Nigeria, speaks on the music industry, the need for more collaboration and the passion that keeps him going in the industry. Excerpts: 

There are lots of efforts that go into being one of the top producers in Nigeria. How excited are you for fans to get a firsthand look at the effort it has taken for you to get to where you are today? 

It is a dream come through. For me as a producer, I have always wanted to find a medium to showcase this side of me. I give thanks to MTV Base Inside Life for creating that platform where we can show and express ourselves. 

What gives you excitement in work you are doing right now?

It is the fact that everyone is going to go home, and watch my life. It is a good thing because generally, I do not know how to just show myself on social media. The MTV Base Inside Life has given me the opportunity and I am happy about it.

Being on a reality TV show gives viewers access to your private moments. How do you intend to handle the new attention that comes with being on the new season of ‘Inside Life’ ?

I am happy and excited about it. It is just a motivation for me  and motivation for the viewers also. Motivation for me because it is going to keep me working.

To understand that the people are watching my life gives me courage to want to do more, keep working harder and pushing out great contents for my fans. 

Does the role you play in the programme affect you in any way as a person?

Everything is real. It is a reality show, unless I am uncomfortable with my life, I will be bothered about people watching me. So, it is just ministering my life. I love my life and I am happy about my life.

What aspect of your life are you most excited about for your fans and viewers to get to see?

The fact that I am really a calm guy, but still knows how to get things done. It is also about how I make my music, the process- from the studio, to planning, to releasing, to making content, to marketing. I am an inspiration for everybody to watch and see how I do these things. 

What does it take to be a producer in Nigeria. Is it hard work, creativity or passion?

Its passion, you need to have passion because the passion keeps you going even when things are not going right. It is hard work, creativity and generally, just loving what you do. When you love what you do, you value every step you make. When you make 100 streams, you are happy about it. When you make 5 million streams, you are also happy about it. Passion generally. 

What advice do you have for upcoming producers and producers within the music industry?

For the upcoming producers, keep working, believe in yourselves, connect, network and trust God. Keep praying. 

For the producers out there, I want us to be more consistent, embrace collaboration. There is love in collaboration, there is greatness in collaboration. I am looking forward to that with my fellow producers. 

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